What will I be paid?

As a CASCADE-FELLOWS researcher you have a full employment contract as a Marie Curie fellow and are paid at a preferential rate. Exact salaries will vary depending on the tax and social security rules for the country where you work, and also the way that employers calculate 'oncosts' (the cost they incur by employing you).

You will be paid a living allowance and a travel/mobility allowance. Your Host Organisation will also provide a fixed contribution towards the cost of your research. The living allowance is paid at a rate specific to your Host Organisation country (calculated using a base cost multiplied by the country correction coefficient in the EU 2012 People Work Programme).

For the current call, the base figures for calculating costs across the programme are:

  • Living allowance: €45,000 per annum for Fellows with up to 10 years' research experience at the closing date of the call (€75,000 for Fellows with over 10 years' research experience)
  • Mobility allowance: €500 per month for Fellows without family responsibilities (€700 per month for Fellows with dependent children)
  • Research costs: €8,900 per annum (administered by your Host Organisation)

Remember that this is for calculation only: it will not be your actual salary.

For example, a single Fellow with up to 10 years' experience at the closing date of the call working in the UK will receive:

  • Living allowance - €45,000 x 1.344 = €60,480 per annum
  • Mobility allowance - €500 p.m. = €500 x 12 = €6,000
  • Therefore total salary allowance = €60,480 + €6,000 = €66,480

Remember: your gross salary will be this figure minus employer's oncosts. Your net take-home salary will be paid after further deduction of tax and social security and any other standard items such as pension payments. You will be paid in the local currency if this is not Euros.